The paintings of Philippe Petit call upon our gaze, stir us deeply and allow for an inner dialogue to begin. The spectator, strangely moved, is compelled not only to look upon the work before his or her eyes but also to touch it and touch what created it. There is an irresistible beauty in the material itself, yet also a beauty in the visual thinking brought through by the painting.

When he began as an artist in 2014, it was the history of human origins that inspired Philippe Petit to become a painter of real living material. The science of paleontology, or rather the history of life as seen by a paleontologist, allowed Philippe Petit to become an osteopath of great and rare talent. Touch and touching have served as his primary instrument for decades, the body-material his primary source of inspiration as an osteopath and now as an artist. It is not surprising that in many of his paintings we rediscover an almost palpable presence of life-material.

In his work we equally sense his aesthetic and material search for life and for beauty. Many of the paintings seem to emerge from a creative sparkle, an ‘élan’ so strong the spectator can feel it still. The black and white paintings in particular come forward with a powerful, calligraphy like beauty. There is, as well, a subtle beauty in the shadows and the light of his colour paintings.

Philippe Petit, “master of ballet”, is a choreographer of painting. Like dancers, the silhouettes cast themselves to the skies, harmonious, light-coloured beings. We are allowed to see a poetic ballet and a sensuous dance manifested in his work. Our bodies receive the creative impulse that animated the artist and we are moved to aspire ourselves towards that mystery, towards the constant becoming of life.

Multi-faceted canvases created by a passionate artist, an aesthete.
His works not only reveal his imagined world filled with Beauty but equally show a palpable reality that he evokes. In Phillip' work, one finds his quest for Life and the Sublime. His paintings are born of a creative impulse for Originality and a search for the Beautiful.

PETIT Romain©

Création THIS IS MY BRAIN | BEAUSSART Amélie | Photographe PETIT Romain© | 2016 Tous les droits réservés
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